Friday, December 18, 2009

Movie Review: AVATAR

I have just seen AVATAR movie with my girlfriend and her nieces (Angie and Lione) at EMPIRE XXI today. I took the 6 PM schedule, so i didn't have to come home too late at night. At the time i purchase the tickets via MTIX, i didn't realize that this is Sci-Fi movie. I thought it was another Avatar which has Aang as the main actor. I also didn't realize that this movie has 2,5 hours of duration.

I must admit that this movie is very outstanding and marvelous. It combines a special effect with great nature along with great sound effect and wonderful plot. You will be stunned for two and half hours, even though i must say it's kinda boring at the first 10-15 minutes. Once the story started, you will see another world where Avatar are becoming the main characters in this movie. You will see lots of strange (and cute) animals on this movie along with many other plants which was very astonishing. Others objects, such as waterfall, forest, and many others were also combined with special effect to make them extraordinary.

The story is about someone who was asked to be a spy in order to find information about special resources, but in the end betrayed the army and joined the Na'vi people to fight back as he has decided to become one of them in a sacred ritual since he already fallen in love with one of Na'vi people, Neytiri.

It has great morals too. We should start thinking about our nature. Don't try to consume all the nature has given to us without replacing it with a new one. Force is not always the solution for all kind of problems and it may strike back at you someday.

IMHO, this is the most perfect movie i have ever seen this year. I'll give 10 for this movie. Yahoo

Just for information, i read that this movie was in production for four years before it is finally played on the cinema. I must say that the idea was brilliant and it requires lots of efforts to make them like this. I must give extra credits for the whole crew who make this happened Worship


  1. Anonymous6:36 PM

    i haven't seen it yet...My all friends told me that the movie is awesome...But now i m going to watch avatar movie online from the internet...

  2. it's only 44s trailer. You should watch it on your local movie cinema. It's awesome.

  3. great movie.. great technology used..

  4. Anonymous2:10 PM

    Avatar is a great visual extravaganza but it's a very bad example of a science fiction movie. Neither the plot nor the sci-fi concepts are original or path breaking.

    Most of the movie is a bad collage made by ripping off some previous science - fiction and a lot of previous fantasy works.

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