Friday, December 04, 2009

Google Public DNS Revealed

Google has announced a new service to make Internet gets faster by introducing Google Public DNS. It works as an ordinary DNS server like what you got from your ISP, but this time, it is from Google and we can pretty sure that they have hack their system to provide more security layer and also speed improvements.

I have added their IP address ( and as alternatives of my DNS name server which i got from my ISP besides OpenDNS and Nawala project. Let's just hope this will give me better Internet experience under unstable condition of my primary DNS server from my ISP.


  1. Beneran bisa ningkatin kcepatan gk c..?
    Soalnya ak cobain ganti DNS di IPv4 malah gak bisa browsing..

  2. aku bisa tuh, cuma kalo mau uji kecepatan agak susah juga, karena banyak pengaruhnya