Wednesday, September 12, 2012

GNU Patch 2.7 Released

GNU Patch, a very important utility used to patch source code has gotten itself a new stable release after three years without doing so. Andreas Gr├╝nbacher has sent an email to several mailing list announcing this great news.

As new stable release, GNU Patch has received several big changes, such as:

* Support for most features of the "diff --git" format, including renames and
  copies, permission changes, and symlink diffs.  Binary diffs are not
  supported yet; patch will complain and skip them.

* Support for double-quoted filenames: when a filename starts with a double
  quote, it is interpreted as a C string literal.  The escape sequences \\, \",
  \a, \b, \f, \n, \r, \t, \v, and \ooo (a three-digit octal number between 0 and
  255) are recognized.

* Ignore destination file names that are absolute or that contain a component
  of "..".  This addresses CVE-2010-4651.

* Refuse to apply a normal patch to a symlink.  (Previous versions of patch
  were replacing the symlink with a regular file.)

* When trying to modify a read-only file, warn about the potential problem
  by default.  The --read-only command line option allows to change this

* Files to be deleted are deleted once the entire input has been processed, not
  immediately.  This fixes a bug with numbered backup files.

* When a timestamp specifies a time zone, honor that instead of assuming the
  local time zone (--set-date) or Universal Coordinated Time (--set-utc).

* Support for nanosecond precision timestamps.

* Patch no longer gets a failed assertion for certain mangled patches.

* Many portability and bug fixes.

The source code for this new patch utility can be taken from GNU's FTP Server.

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