Saturday, September 15, 2012

Working with GIT

Lately, i have been playing with GIT more intensively than ever. I'm maintaining several GIT repository for my own work, my personal project, and also for community, such as SlackBuilds project which now uses GIT mainly for tracking changes.

GIT itself is a very powerful tool for managing source code. No wonder many open source project decided to switch to GIT from many other SCM tools, such as CVS and SVN. It's nature of a distributed system makes it perfect for projects whom it's member are working in a different time zone, different area, and may have many different policies throughout their code.

As i'm still learning more about GIT, there are still a lot of commands that i still don't understand, but i'm trying to learn all the basic steps to work with my repository and so far, i'm still on the right track (hopefully).

I'm using Pro Git as my reference to work with GIT. You might want to read it as well if you want to learn more about GIT. I'm sure you will love it.

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