Friday, September 07, 2012

Teaching using Slackware

I teach Network Administration course this year and i'm using Slackware as the base operating system during this course. I build a VMWare image using the latest Slackware 14.0 RC4 as the base and i gave it to my students. Some of them dare to set up a native dual boot even though i never asked them to have a native installation.

Today is the second week, but it's really the first week when i really teach them on how to learn the Slackware environment. So far, everything went well and no big problems except that at the beginning, the progress was kinda slow since we had to transfered 5.6 GB of data (VMWare image) to several laptops. When that was done, everything progressed smoothly.

Firstly, i taught them how to add a new user. It's not safe to use root as your daily user, especially when you are inexperienced user. Next, i taught them some basic understanding about directories in Linux, some basic commands, and some basic configuration. I will continue the course next week by teaching them about permissions, package management, and more basic configuration so that their new environment is comfortable to be used by them.

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