Sunday, September 30, 2012

New Mirror Project: Slackware ARM

I'm going to maintain another Slackware-based project on my campus server and that is Slackware ARM or it was known as ArmedSlack.

Slackware ARM includes all of the improvements in Slackware x86, and in addition some of the ARM specific highlights are:
  • All packages rebuilt for the baseline architecture of ARMv5te (from v4te) 
  • Support for two new platforms:
    • The TrimSlice Pro (NVidia Tegra CPU)
    • The Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi is an interesting devices and many universities and research center are now starting to adopt this new devices because it's cheap, but still usable for creating scalable system for complex and high computation need or even for people to hack their devices to run several systems.

Right now, i'm in the middle of rsyncing and hopefully it will be completed when i wake up tomorrow morning. I will announce the URL later on when it's completed and i have set up the rsync service properly.

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