Monday, October 01, 2012

Linux Kernel 3.6 Released

After 7 RC releases, finally Linus decided to release Linux Kernel 3.6 and start the merge window for Linux Kernel 3.7. For those who wanted to know what are the interesting features on this version, just head to KernelNewbies. Here are the highlights:
  1. Btrfs: subvolume quotas, quota groups, snapshot diff, cross-subvolume file clones
    1. Subvolume quotas and quota groups
    2. Snapshot diffs, aka "send/receive"
    3. Cross-subvolume file clones
  2. Suspend to disk and memory at the same time
  3. Support for SMBv2 protocol
  4. TCP Fast Open (client side)
  5. Bufferbloat fight: TCP small queues
  6. Safe swap over NFS/NBD
  7. ext4: better quota support
  8. PCIe D3cold power state support
  9. VFIO: bare-metal safe access to devices from userspace drivers
Go get the source right now and start your engine!!!

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