Thursday, October 04, 2012

Learning SboPKG

Today, i decided to learn more about SboPKG, another automation tool for managing packages for Slackware that comes from SlackBuilds project. It's a handy tool since it can sync your repository with SlackBuilds and decide what to do with your current packages.

You can perform an upgrade to the latest version available in SlackBuilds by adding the queue and process them. You can also remove outdated source which is no longer available on SlackBuilds so that you don't have orphaned or unmaintained packages upstream. It can also perform automated build for you so that you can do something else while it tries to build the packages for you.

With all those features, no wonder many people likes to use this tool on their system. Since i managed my own packages in SlackHacks repository sometimes, they are not tracked by SboPKG and that's fine since usually my packages in SlackHacks are newer than in SlackBuilds.

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