Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Mayan Tee Shirt

Slackware Store has released two new products in their catalog along with Slackware 14.0 Pre Orders. They are the new Mayan Tee Shirt and new Polo Shirt with a pocket. I told this news to Indonesian Slackware Community and asked them whether they wanted to support Slackware Linux by purchasing this items and the responds were overwhealming.

I agreed to be the coordinator and i limit the first batch to be 15 people only due to the limit of my credit card and also to avoid huge package that will resulted to a huge tax as well. This morning, i have ordered via Slackware Store and the ordered has been confirmed. Let's just wait until they came back to me and confirmed my purchases.

When this items arrived, this will be my fourth items that i collected from Slackware Store. Previously, i have bought Slackware 13.37 T-Shirt Limited Edition, Slackware Black T-Shirt, and Serious Slackware T-Shirt. Someday, i will have a complete set of Slackware T-Shirt and Shirt on my shelf.

Thanks to Indonesian Slackware Community members for their support to Slackware Linux Project.

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