Sunday, October 07, 2012

GTKPod and Anjuta?

Since i have found my iPod yesterday, i wanted to manage the library collection again, but i'm not going to reboot to Windows just to manage my old iPod. Instead, i'm going to use GTKPod, which is an iPod Manager application that runs on Linux.

The problem is that current release of gtkpod has included Anjuta as their dependency and Anjuta itself has quite a lot of dependencies. One of them is newer vte (0.29 and newer). I tried to upgrade to newer vte without any problem, but it seems that after doing more testing, i found out that it broke the Terminal in XFCE.

After spending almost half a day of debugging, finally i came to a conclusion that newer vte can be installed alongside with older vte, but with a different name, namely vte3. The problem solved and now i can build gtkpod and manage my iPod once again.

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