Thursday, October 25, 2012

Added Quantal Repository and Removed Oneiric

Finally, after battling for one week, finally the Quantal Quetzal repository is now completed and operational. Since i have a two release policy, this will also deleted the 11.04 (Oneiric Oncelot) repository on my server to save some space.

Why did it took so long to complete the repository? Well, it doesn't have a privilege of high dedicated bandwidth to download the repository. The bandwidth is shared with the other users in the campus, so in will be fast enough at night and during office hour, the connection will be slower than usual. I have also limited to 32 and 64 bit version only which should be downloaded, not all of them. I have also preffered to download the binary packages only, excluding the source since it can reduce the size of one release to nearly half of the total space needed.

Welcome Quantal and thank you Oneiric. It's time to let you go from this server.....

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