Friday, October 26, 2012

Maintenance on Windows System

It's been some time since i defragged my Windows XP system. These system has been used since few years ago and even though it's deteriorating, it's still usable for me as i don't tend to install/remove many applications on this system. I used this machine mainly to backup and setup my iOS-based devices, since there isn't iTunes in Linux system.

Since we have a long holiday this week due to national holiday, i'm planning to start a maintainance process for my Windows XP. I have clean up some spaces by using the Disk Cleanup utility and now, i'm defragging all of my partitions one by one. Since it will take some time to complete, i will just leave it while i'm sleeping and it should be completed by tomorrow morning.

Performing a maintenance process regularly will ensure that your system stays in good performance for daily usage. This is not only for Windows system, but for all distributions.

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