Saturday, November 03, 2012

Condition Dropped

I was unable to write a blog post yesterday because i had to go to the hospital at night. My condition dropped and the doctor even suggested me to be hospitalized, but i refused it. I prefer to have a lab check first and decide what to do next.

My schedule this semester is so tight and i guess it started during the mid test where i went abroad and then when i came back, i marked the student's exam and then preparing all of the daily stuffs again. It consumes a lot of energy and when my condition is not very fit, i still forced it to give a lecture in the class yesterday.

So, since last night, after seeing the doctor, i went to bed early because i do need a total rest, since the day before, i couldn't sleep at all and that worsen my condition. This morning, i'm feeling better after having a better sleep, even though i still woke up every few hours. It's not the best sleep condition though.

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