Friday, November 16, 2012

Writing blogpost from iPad

For some time, i have wanted to write blog post using my iPad, but i never got the touch since using the mobile version of Blogger doesn't give me the best experience of utilizing my iPad. It seems that it's not working at all.

The biggest problem for me is picking the labels and also setting the date and time of publication. When using my iPad, the side window always closed all the time. It took some time to be able to set the labels and time.

Today, i just read Mashable's tweet about new app from Google for Blogger which includes support for iPad. I was so excited to try it and here i am, writing a blogpost using Blogger apps from Google from my iPad.

Thank you Google for supporting iPad on version 2.0

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  1. no armedslack on iPad? awww, come on ;)