Wednesday, November 14, 2012

IE 10 Release Preview

Microsoft is announcing Internet Explorer 10 Release Preview for it's customer and users who have been installing Windows 7 or 8 can try this product on their computers. Please note that if you use Windows 7, you need to install Service Pack 1 prior installing this product.

Unfortunately, even though it's still a release preview, the above website doesn't contain any detailed information about IE 10, except for Fast, Easy, and Safer. A little bit of technical features are good for publications.

From other site, it was revealed that IE 10 will have better support for HTML5 and CSS 3, better security, new browsing experience if used with touch screen (probably targetting Windows 8 users), and performance improvements.

This is a release preview, so don't expect to get a very stable release. Things might change in the future, so there's no fixed feature at this point.

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