Sunday, November 25, 2012

Linux Kernel 3.7 Coming Up

Well, it's last week of November and if nothing goes wrong this week, i believe Linus will just release Linux Kernel 3.7 and open the merge window for the next two weeks. He then will have plenty of time to get new features gets merged for the upcoming Linux Kernel which will be released in around late February or early March.

A lot of interesting new features are already in pending queue to be merged for Linux Kernel 3.8 and they have been discussed by Phoronix, such as:
  • Improved Intel Haswell and Intel Valley display support 
  • DMA-BUF V4L2
  • HDMI CEC kernel support
  • Much improved Nouveau driver
  • VMWare Virtualization drivers
  • Samsung F2FS File System
  • KVM Virtualization support for ARM
  • Many more
Many of these new features has been prepared for some time because the merge window is so close with the end of the year, so it's expected that some developers will take their holiday, so i'm guessing they will send a pull request on the LKML as soon as Linus released the Linux Kernel 3.7.

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