Sunday, January 15, 2006

First Experience with Bajaj

Today i went to Ciputra Mall to have some reunion with some of my friends from Jogja LUG (Linux User Group) which is now at Jakarta. They are Afnindar, Jaya, and Deddy, but unfortunately, only Afnindar came to the event, because Jaya had some urgent reason and i didn't know about Deddy. I met a new person, Suwidi, which i only knew him through Yahoo Messenger. He was also from Jogja and he joined us today and we talked for about 2 hours in Mac Donalds while having lunch together.

I went to Ciputra at 11 AM using Bajaj, a traditional public transportation in Jakarta. It was originally a vespa, but it was heavily modified so that it could take passengers. I got a nice one, since the chairs was still in good shape. This was my first experience with Bajaj, since i have never used them since i got in Jakarta. Maybe my next target will be public bus or mikrolet?? Who knows....

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