Saturday, January 28, 2006


Today i went to several mall around Jakarta with my sister and her friend, Dino. First, we went to Plaza Semanggi to play billiard in Gillian. I was totally outscored. It was normal, since he had a routine schedule to play with his friends twice a week, while i don't have one. Mostly i go to pool place at Saturday with Adi and Budi. After playing billiard, we went to Plaza Senayan to buy something for Dino's friend. I also bought a valentine card for my girlfriend. After taking Dino's friend back to his apartment, we went to Plaza Indonesia to play bowling for about two games in eX, a nice place to hangout where most teenagers came here at weekend. Next, we went to restaurant to have dinner with my cousin and his girlfriend. After having dinner, we split up, because Dino had to go to another place to play billiard again with his friends, and we went to my cousin's friend and we had some talk there and finally, i came back at 11.15 PM.

So for today, i have visited three new places that i have never been there before, Plaza Senayan, Plaza Indonesia (eX), and one sea food restaurant. It was one full day of hangout. Tomorrow is a chinnese new year celebration and also Markus will be leaving to Deutch for three months. I hope he had a wonderfull and safe trip until he arrives at the expected destination.

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