Monday, January 09, 2006

Sports Day

It was my sports day, since i played 2 (almost 3) different sports in one day. The first one is billiard, when i played with Sandy, my cousins at Hangout. We played for about 2:47 hours there because we had no activities at home, where the girls were leaving to FO (Factory Outlet) to go shopping. When we came back, we watched DVD movie, but Sandy and me sometimes slept at some parts so we miss some of them. I watched XXX 2, the next level and i was suprised that the main actor was not Van Diesel again, since he played great at the first movie. After that, we watch Coach Carter, which was a good basketball player at Richmond High School and he was offered a job as a basketball coach, but he had to deal with some bunch of kids who has little attitude, so he started the season with some strict contract, but somehow it didn't work until the last minute (which i hadn't see, but Sandy told me about the ending). It was a great movie to watch.

At night, we (Sandy and me) played basketball at BPK Penabur. We played 3 on 3, continued by 4 on 4 with Sandy's friends. I was kindda shocked, since i have never played basketball again since October (perhaps more than that), but amazingly, i'm not that tired, even though we played almost 2 hours. We came back at home at 10.15, but we bought some food first and after taking shower and dinner, we played card with the other cousins at Sandy's house. We played until 1.22 AM and then we go to bed. We almost go to bowling place, but we thought that the place would be closed, so we canceled it.

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