Sunday, September 24, 2006

Final Fantasy XII

The next sequel of the popular RPG game from Square Enix, Final Fantasy XII has been developed and scheduled to be released on 31 of October 2006 (in North America of course, since it has been released in Japan. Thanks to Oskar for the correction). You can look at the trailer on their official site. It's an amazing movie trailer and i'm very impressed by this trailer. You will have a smoother video and supported by stunning visual effects.

Too bad i don't have PS2 console. I have been enjoying playing Final Fantasy Series since Final Fantasy VII on PS console and continued to Final Fantasi VII, IX, X, dan X2 version. I also travelled back to the ZSnes console to play the old version of Final Fantasy Series and it's still fun to be played :D

This will be the front cover of the Final Fantasy XII (Credit by Square Enix)