Friday, September 15, 2006

Last Day of Training

Today will be the last day of five days training as it will be the execution phase, where in the last four days, we have been educated for project awareness, project tracking, project estimation, and also making the project plan. We do have the project plan and all of the schedule of the mini project that has been developed for this purpose.

The target was 30 solutions of Brick by Brick, 30 solutions of Square by Square, 12 solutions of Cubes to Holder, 12 solutions of Cubes to Cubes, 10 solutions of 50 pieces puzzle, 1 solution of 100 pieces puzzle, 1 solution of 200 pieces puzzle and 1 solution of 300 pieces puzzle. The time was set for two hours and it will begin in 10 AM this morning.

Let's hope it will be finished as it's a tight schedule and let's finish this training with joy and glory :)

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