Sunday, September 17, 2006

SpellCheckers Problems

Yesterday, i was asked by one of my new friend about problem that he had on his company that has relation with He said that the spellchecker features were not working on his XP and Ubuntu computers. I test the document that he sent to me and he was right. It didn't notice the errors (features was typed fetures and the spellcheckers ignored it), but when i tried to make a new document and activate the spellcheckers at the beginning, it would recognize the errors. I was thinking that it might have problems when we didn't start the auto spellcheckers features from the start, so i send a bug report to the OOo and today i have got the answers.

The problem lies on the language settings for the document itself. It uses English (Australia) for the language and by default, only English (USA) and English (UK) dictionary that was given by the OOo team, so it wouldn't recognize the errors. When i changed the language into English (USA), it will work perfectly.

The conclusion is if you have such kind of problems, please look at your language settings first. If you don't have the language dictionary, you can download them from's website.

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