Tuesday, September 05, 2006

New Blog

I made a new blog few days ago using Blogger Beta and i called this SlackBlogs, which will be a place where i put everything related to Slackware. It could be the latest Slackware changes, or even my Slackware changes. It's still new, so you won't find many post over there, but i tried to update that blog regularly like this blog. This blog can also be used to write some tutorials related to Slackware or GNU/Linux in most cases and people can have a look on it.

The design was made as simple as possible, just like Slackware which adopts simplicity approach. I didn't change the design at all. I just use the template given by Blogger Beta and it was fine for me. I have put a technoratti links and also feed burner over there also.

Happy Blogging and Slacking :D