Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Mandriva Linux 2007

Mandriva Linux 2007 is out today (or should i say yesterday) with lots of updates to the distribution itselfs. By default, it came with kernel 2.6.17, GCC 4.1, GNOME 2.16, KDE 3.5.4, glibc 2.4, Xen 3.0, Mozilla Firefox, and 2.0.3 (it's too much to list all of them). Here is the review taken from LinuxLookup:
The key innovation of Mandriva Linux 2007 is the spectacular AIGLX and Xgl 3D-accelerated desktop. Mandriva is the only distribution to provide both technologies, making it compatible with the widest range of hardware; a special tool features auto-detection of the best 3D solution for your hardware. Mandriva is particularly happy to have achieved this major breakthrough in desktop appearance.

Enjoy Mandriva Linux 2007 :D

Update #2: When i browsed Mandriva Linux 2007 Page, it says that it will be released in a couple of days, so i think it's not downloadable right now. So, i'm removing my username/password information for now and i'll post it again when it has been officially announced.


  1. Anonymous3:33 PM

    Belum update mas ..., sabar lah di websitenya aja belum ada info, masih in a few days.

  2. Yup memang belum update. Aku mau update postku ini, tapi lelet banget, jadi belum sempet update lagi