Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Early Plan for Firefox 4

Mike Beltzner, Mozilla's Director of Firefox has posted an early product plan for Mozilla Firefox 4 which can be accessed on his blog. Actually it was presented on a presentation, but since not everybody can attend the seminar, he posted the video on Mozilla's server or if you prefer to watch the slides, you can watch them at SlideShare.

In short, what are they planning with Firefox 4? There are three primary goals: Fast, Powerful, and Empowering.

Talking about speed. Firefox is lagging behind Opera and Google Chrome in terms of speed, but since Firefox 3, they have been working so hard to minimize the gap and they will do more work towards faster performance on Firefox 4. It says, they are going to make Firefox super-duper fast Yahoo. I'm very eager to see happening in the future.

Powerful is about supporting new and open Web standards, such as HTML 5, CSS 3, and many more. I believe Firefox has been used as a standard web browser when we want to test our web page compatibility. You can't ignore Firefox as more and more people are using Firefox as their default browser, replacing IE. The need of supporting web standards are very critical to Firefox then.

Empowering means that users are in total control of their data, browsers, and web experience. Through Mozilla Labs, we can see that there has been a lot of efforts to make Firefox more empowering. We would like to see more of it and to make Firefox the best browser.

OK, that is all and remember that that plan is not a fixed one. It still has big chance to change in the future, but i'm sure Firefox 4 will be a big release for Firefox community and also to users around the world Big Boss

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