Friday, May 07, 2010

Not Yet Mature

I have tried to give more freedom to my students while they are in my class. They can turn on their laptop to surf the Internet to find more study case related to the material discussed at the class. But, in the end, they are not yet ready to be given such freedom. They use this opportunity to play games, chatting via instant messaging or updating their status on Facebook or Plurk or Twitter.

I guess nowadays students are not yet mature as they should be. It's a pity that such big chance wasted for something which i think less important than their knowledge.

Another example is when they were sleeping while i gave lectures in front of the class. Well, i don't mind if they have good reason, but is it polite to sleep while other people is talking in front of the class? Just pretend that you are standing in front of the audience and the audience were sleeping. How do you feel about that? They just don't get it.

Well, it's just my thoughts about what happened on my daily activities. I only wishes that they will change on the next semester Goodluck

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