Sunday, May 30, 2010

One Full Day

Since my sister was coming from Jakarta for this long weekend, we spent some time together with my girlfriend and my mother to have one whole day trip today. I was at my girlfriend's house since morning and we had semi lunch at Frez today. It was a new small-scale cafe near my house. Since it's new, they offered 50% off from normal price and it's only valid for May, so one day left Goodluck

Next, we got back home and we went to the airport to send my auntie and her husband back to Jakarta. We then went to Amplaz and do the about half day shopping there. I was mere a driver for them lmao. We left Amplaz and headed to a small Batik store near Galeria mall. My sister and mother bought some clothes there. They sell handmade Batik items. You can check their websites for more information about their products.

Anyway, it's a great day since it's rarely for my sister to come back from Jakarta due to her busy schedule at the office. She is leaving back to Jakarta tomorrow and i think i can meet her again next October in Bandung where my cousin will held a wedding party there Yahoo

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