Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Linux Kernel 2.6.35 Released

I know, the news were out two days ago, but since i was away and i couldn't find any good Internet connection while i was away Crying, i had to postpone until today. Well, finally i'm back at home today and i wanted to tell you that Linux Kernel 2.6.35 has been officially released by Linus Torvalds on the first of August.

You can see the big changes in KernelNewbies. Following Linux Kernel development is very interesting, as you will see many debates on it, but in the end, people are glad to have the new version comes up.

Meanwhile, Greg has released (finally) some updates on -Stable kernels. People (as usual) are urged to upgrade to the latest version to fix problems found on previous version of the kernels. One interesting news is that Greg stated that 2.6.34 will not be maintained for a long time and people who still used 2.6.33 should upgrade straight to 2.6.35 instead to 2.6.34. That's surprising, as 2.6.34 only received two updates since the release, which is very rare.

For me personally, i would like to stay in 2.6.34 a little bit longer, as i'm not sure whether the NVIdia driver that i used now is compatible with 2.6.35 or not. Also, VMWare hasn't released any update which is known to work with 2.6.35 also. These two are my two blocker before i decided to go with 2.6.35.

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