Monday, August 30, 2010

Dissapointed with MTIX 2.0

Actually, i was really curious when 21Cinema decided to upgrade their online ticketing by adding a feature that enables us to select our own seat. This morning, i visited their website and i found the new interface which is confusing and i think 1.0 is better than the new 2.0. Bad at usability and too much pop ups and annoying ads.

I'd say forget it. It's just an interface after all. But guess what? The functionality is even worse. I can't even buy a ticket and i have to do my registration all over again before i can use the new service (they even have my old data, why should i do the registration again). When i looked at their forum, i saw that there are so many people already complaining about it and the admin said that there were a maintenance phase and trial version before upgrading to 2.0 and they didn't even notify their users at all.

I think they should be more informative to their users. In the past, i'm able to buy tickets since morning, but i think they have made the rule more strict, but no announcement on their buy tickets page.

When i called their customer service, no one answered my phone call Angry

Conclusions: i'm so dissapointed with MTIX 2.0. Just go back to 1.0 and remove the seat selection feature. It's working and everybody's happy.