Friday, August 13, 2010

Really Busy Day

I had a busy day today. Starting from early in the morning, i arrived at my office at 8 AM, because i thought i had to attend a thesis presentation at 8. My bad. My session was supposed to be at 10 AM, so i had to wait for two hours. I spent by chatting with my colleague, Riyono for about an hour and finally my session started at 10 AM.

After the first session finished, i had to attend Yudisium in 12 PM until around 12:40 PM. My students asked me to come to D.3.1 to talk about the UKDW NetClub event which will be started at 1.30 PM. I rushed there and have a chat with some of the students before i came back to my office at 1 PM because another presentation has begun. This time, it finished early, so i had some time to go back to D.3.1 to give unprepared talk session in front of the new students about opening their minds to many kinds of alternatives. One of them is using Open Source applications. I only gave 10 minutes of speech, since at 3 PM, my third session has commenced, so i got to go back to my office to do the hearing and QA session with the students. It all ended at 5 PM.

Right now, i'm going to have an early sleep since i still have two presentations left tomorrow Wave

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