Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Renewing Windows

I don't know how long have i abandon my Windows system on my desktop since i used Linux all the time, but today i rebooted to Windows and it seems that i missed so many security patches from Microsoft and also many of my applications were considered outdated. So i decided to upgrade all of them and it does take some time.

I finally finished all of the updates and now, my system has been renewed peace sign. I guess it won't take long before i switched back to Slackware again rolling on the floor


  1. Hello, I've been following your blog ever since I saw we had a similiar laptop. I see that you used slackware, and was wondering how much work it was to get it working properly. I've been very frustrated with Mint not working, and would like to know what distro you've found to be the easiest to use.

    My gmail account is bigngamer92

  2. My newest laptop? i found it working out of the box, except for the hybrid GPU which is still not working until today, so i can only use Intel GMA rather than NVidia.

    Except for that, everything works just fine with the latest Slackware release :)

    easy is relative and my answer will be biased. I would suggest that you try several Linux distros and then you can decide which one suits you.

    Nice to meet you Rod :)