Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 2: Riding Bajaj

Today is my first day of training in PPM building and i decided to take Bajaj. It's an old and traditional public transportation designed for a crowded city like Jakarta. It's very efficient way to reach the destination because it's so crowded here in Jakarta. You can go to some place which should be near but when you travel by car, it might take some time.

When i went back to the hotel, i took a modern version of bajaj which was more environmental friendly and the three of us (one of my colleague just got to Jakarta today) joined us as well. So we took one bajaj for three people rofl. At first, i didn't believe that it would fit us, but it did. Well, it seems we are not that big lmao

I think it's my first time riding a bajaj in my whole life. What an interesting experience Russian Emot

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