Saturday, February 05, 2011

Building New Virtual Server

Few weeks ago, i built a new virtual server on top of one of my server in my campus. It was built using Slackware 13.1 on top of VirtualBox 4.0.2. So far, the performance is good and i have no problem with it.

Last Friday, we discussed about further usage of virtual server to support our education process. We can use the virtual server to host student's work or final project so that they can try it out without having to buy new hosting or domain and use internal resources.

I decided that we will go on with the idea, but i will wait until Slackware 13.2 is released before i start the new virtual server which should have better and optimized configuration compared to the first one. I actually built it for testing purposes, but it went well, so i used it for my class Sky

For the next configuration, i have prepared some adjustment to make it more robust, configurable, efficient, and should be more up to date compared with the current one.

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