Sunday, February 27, 2011

First Day : Lost Baggage

Today i went to other town using one of national airways and i had a bad experience again just like what i had in Singapore last year. I checked in early in the morning and finished all administrative without any problem.

When i arrived in destination city, i couldn't find my luggage even though all of the bags has been carried out. I reported to the lost and found office, and they couldn't find any bags left. They told me to wait for the next flight because they worried that my luggage was incorrectly passed on to other flight. I had a de ja vu feeling about this because i had the same experience while i was travelling to Singapore last year.

I finally wait for the next flight and when i accidentally saw other's flight luggage, i saw mine was one of them because i had put a unique ribbon on my bag to notify that it's mine. I grabbed my luggage and it seems that it was misplaced to Balikpapan and rounded back to Jakarta. Finally i don't have to write any missing report to lost and found and i got my lugagge back.

This should be a lesson for the airways, as there were so many people who had the same problem as i had today. They complained that their luggage was damaged and opened by some people and other reported missing luggage.

Let's hope it would never happened again when i travelled back to Jogja next Friday