Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Installing Fedora Replacing Ubuntu

This morning, i tried to upgrade my Ubuntu installation to 11.04 Alpha 2. I know it's so damn risky, but i used my old laptop which is used for testing purposes with no important data in it, so i have nothing to lose. I decided to take the risk.

Actually the upgrade process went smooth. I can upgrade to 11.04 safely without any problem at all, except that my WiFI and NVidia driver are no longer working in 11.04. After rebooting, i tried to enable NVidia driver again and this is where the nightmare begins. After rebooting for the second time after enabling NVidia driver 96.xx series, my Ubuntu stuck at Ubuntu logo and it won't continue. I have tried to reboot for several tries, but it reached the same point all the time. I think it's because of the NVidia driver which probably incompatible.

So i decided to switch to Fedora 14 for some time. I had downloaded Fedora 14 and used it on virtualization only, so no real installation was done, so i guess this is a good chance to try Fedora 14 on a decent hardware (my laptop was bought in 2005). Right now, i'm in process of installing Fedora 14 on my laptop. Hope everything is OK without any problem Goodluck

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