Sunday, December 02, 2012

ArchLinux 2012.12.01

ArchLinux has released a monthly update to their ArchLinux Installer and this month update will use Linux Kernel 3.6.8, arch-install-scripts 9 with an improved fstab generator, and systemd 196 along with other core updates.

Since most of the packages is now has been fully updated to work with systemd, i gues it's worth to try this nice Linux distribution as well. It will not replace Slackware as my main OS, but it would be a nice way to learn Linux in a different point of view.

As you know, ArchLinux is a rolling release Linux distribution, meaning that it normally updates by itself and there are no official release like other Linux distribution. Once you set up your machine, you can upgrade to the latest one by running pacman -Syu regularly (once a day for the most efficient).

I'm downloading ArchLinux tonight and hopefully i can test it by next week.

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  1. Willy,

    If you like Arch, you may want to have a look at Bridge Linux [0]. It is based on Arch and has a wonderful post-install script that does all the hard work for you. I'd love to see it being used by the official Arch project.

    Bridge ships with an Xfce desktop and the install media starts with a Live session, so you can see what it looks like first.