Thursday, December 13, 2012

CDW Cloud Collaboration

No one works alone nowadays. They need collaboration and also communication to other people to make things faster and better in terms of quality. With the current exponential growth of users and also demanding users, requirements for heavy computing and also speedy access to information is no longer optional. It has become a mandatory requirements.

Having a cloud system that unifies communications and collaboration capabilities is really a great assets to any companies because it allows them to work more productive while maintaining their quality level. CDW Cloud Collaboration is an efficient way to use the power of the cloud to effectively deliver collaboration applications to your staff. It provides access anywhere, any time, on any device! It can be your smartphones, tablets, laptops, netbooks and you can access it around the globe 24/7.

Why CDW, you might ask. CDW has a long tradition of working in Unified Communication or in hosting collaboration tools. It has deployed more than 4,000 Cisco Unified Communication in the last decade and it has it's hosting the service at its own Tier III-IV facility on a  485,000-square-foot data center. It has a fully redundant system, offering four nines of uptime, perfect solution for any kind of organization. You certainly don't want to have a downtime on your system while you are running your business and a four nines of uptime gives you that warranty. With more than 50 Cisco Certified Internetwork Experts, you won't get any problem finding any support suppose you find any problems or if you want to expand your organization to a higher level.

By using CDW Cloud Collaboration, you can build a variety of applications and systems that encompasses IM (instant messaging), VoIP, Video/Audio Conferencing, Presence technology, Unified Messaging, Data Sharing, Social Media, and Single Number Search.

Check out their CDW’s Solutions blog for up to date information about their services. You will find that CDW is not only working in the networking area, but it also has a wide range of IT solutions for every business size. With the slogan of expert’s who get IT, i'm sure CDW is the perfect solution for you.

Here's a short video showing how CDW can help you running your business:

CDW is a current advertiser on my blog.  All opinions are mine.

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