Monday, December 10, 2012

Back to ArchLinux

For some time, i have been an ArchLinux user, but that didn't last long due to migration to the new /usr which broke my system and i decided to switch back to Slackware on my old laptop. Last week, i decided to try ArchLinux again and i used the latest ArchLinux ISO which contains the latest update for the core packages. As always, the rest of the packages can be downloaded from their repository using pacman tool.

Unlike Slackware, for me, installing ArchLinux requires another computer so that i can have a look on the ArchLinux Guide. Without the guide, i didn't think i will be able to complete the installation process smoothly. At the end, the installation process was successful, and ArchLinux is now installed on my old laptop.

I'm in the middle of configuring my laptop so that i can use this laptop to work,  but as you might know, ArchLinux's base package is SO minimum and you have to download a lot of packages if you want to have a complete desktop, such as KDE or GNOME. This is the main problem for me :)
Besides downloading, manual configuration is still needed to perform additional steps and again, without the Wiki, sometimes finding what to do is not trivial task.

I think Slackware still the best Linux distribution out there for me. Even though it has the same concept of installation phases using cli, but at the end, i could be more productive since i don't have to spend too much time configuring my system.

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