Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Indonesian L10n Project

I started a new OpenOffice.org's project for Indonesian, which was localization project (l10n). I have been accepted for Observer role, so i can submit an issue regarding the l10n project. Currently, i have a few friends from Indonesian OOo user's mailing list who will help me out to finish the Indonesian localization. I hope more people will come and contribute to this project.

For now, i will consentrate on my final project report, finishing one delayed translation for the Documentation project (maybe i will finish it today) and also editing 1 PO files for Indonesian Mandrakelinux project, since i'm also the coordinator. For the Mandrakelinux project, maybe it will took few days, since it has a lot of lines to be editted. After it finished, i will start concentrating on this l10n project. Hopefully everything goes well as planned.

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