Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Waiting For OOo 2.0 Final

Have you ever tried the latest build for It's 2.0 beta version, or for Developer's view, it is called build 1.9.79. It will reflect some major features that will be available on the 2.0 final version which should be released in this month (if it is not delayed). It has a new graphical startup screen, better user interface, and also lots of improvement on the functionality of an Office Suite.

While you are waiting for the final version, the Documentation project has been busy preparing the SETUP GUIDE for the OOo 2.0 version and also making new HOWTOs and also manuals for the next 2.0 version, because it has some difference with the previous 1.1.x version. If you are's users, you can contribute by joining the Documentation project, or visit OOOAuthors, a place where OOo Authors meet and contribute to make great documentations and manuals for the OOo application.

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