Tuesday, March 08, 2005

OOo Upgrades

Continuing from my last blog, i have downloaded and installed OOo 2.0 beta. It has a new great splash screen, that was picked after the OOo held a splash screen contest few months ago. I also picked this splash screen, because it was cool and i must admit that i love the graphics. It was so smooth and perfect. OOo 2.0 beta actually was 1.9.79 version, so it's not for production use. You should wait for OOo 2.0 final that should be released this month (if no other delays).

OOo 2.0 has many improvements that you should try. Some of the facility wasn't active in the beta version, but it will be soon ready in the 2.0 final. Some were also delayed into 2.0.1 release, because the developer doesn't have time to make it finished in 2.0 final. But, still, OOo offers a big improvements over 1.1.x version. If you are curious about the features that OOo offers, please refer to OOo Feature Page (summary) or OOo Feature Page (complete)

Besides OOo, i also upgrades my Tomcat (again) to 5.5.7, after downloading it in my lab yesterday. I also download the Linux version of Tomcat and will install it on my linux box when i log in into my Linux system.

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