Monday, March 07, 2005

Java Upgrades

Few days ago, i downloaded Java 1.5.0 Update 1 (1.5.0_01) from the official website for Java for Windows platform and also for Linux platform from my lecturer's FTP server, since he also uses Java, so i don't have to download it again. I want to upgrade my Java version installed on my computer to the latest version of Java.

For Linux, i usually use the rpm.bin package, but my lecturer downloaded the .bin package only, so i have to configure the placement for the JDK manually, but it was no big deal, since i have used to do such things like that. After finishing the installation process, i tried to run NetBeans, an OpenSource Java based Development and IDE tools. It didn't responding and i have expected that, since they can't find the Java executable or it was different with the value that was saved on the profile. So, i uninstalled the Netbeans, and reinstall it again and everything goes to normal. Unfortunately, i forgot to upgrade the Apache Tomcat. I just remember it today. I'm planning to download the latest version Apache Tomcat for Linux and removed the 4.1 version from my PC.

In Windows, the situation is the same. After upgrading Java (by uninstalling the previous version and install the new version), i have to uninstall NetBeans and reinstall it again and it worked. I tried to run Apache Tomcat 4.1, but the services failed to start, so i uninstalled it and tried to install the Apache Tomcat 5.5.x version, the latest version of Apache Tomcat. I have a little problem configuring the Apache, since it has a small difference than the 4.1.x version. But finally i managed to register a new web apps and running the servlet smoothly.

My next upgrades will be 2.0 beta, since i want to help other developer to make a SETUP GUIDE for the OOo 2.0. The document will be in .oot, OOo's new format which somehow can't be read by the previous OOo 1.1.x.

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