Tuesday, March 22, 2005

New Bandwidth

My campus is evaluating a new Internet provider for future use. We had used Indosat for more than 5 year (i think) and right now, we are trying to evaluate Telkom and if it has no problem for the next one month, there is a possibility that we migrate to the new ISP. Some of the lab has been using the new bandwidth and the result was excellent. I can download a huge file only in minutes, rather than hours. Our lab speed increased from 256 Kbps into 1 Mbps.

But the main problem is located on the DNS. Telkom's DNS sometimes can't locate a site which can be found on the Indosat's DNS server. So i have to keep changing the proxy's IP address in order to browse a site. Let's just hope that it will be solved in the future.

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