Tuesday, March 01, 2005

CVS Presentation

In Sunday, 27 February 2005, i conducted a CVS presentation in JEMUAH, a bi-weekly meeting for Jogja Linux User Group. I made the material with Fathir's help. He helped me capturing the screenshot on project he joined into (OpenKore), because he can use anonymous user, while i have to provide username that can be abused, so i didn't want to risk that. He uses Cervisia, a GUI-based CVS Client that is available on KDE package.

The meeting was held in a new place, Jogja Academy, in Babarsari. Unfortunately, it was raining hard, so many people couldn't join the meeting, but there was a new guest from Solo (STMIK Sinar Nusantara) that came here just to join the meeting. Welcome aboard to Jogja Linux User Group.

The material had some revision and now, it has been updated to reflect changes that should be made after the presentation.

Source File :
CVS file (BZ2 format)


  1. Wil, I would like to see a presentation about that documention project you've joined. Do you think it is feasible. I have some questiona bout the process and some issues regarding the collaboration process.

    Or, maybe you could be kind enough to drop me lines on the details :), so I won't need to wait this the next JEMU-Ah :D

  2. No problem, but i kindda busy this day, since i have to finish my final project. Would you mind waiting until i have a spare time?

    If you don't mind, you can mail me privately about this project details