Monday, February 28, 2005

Free Software Magazine Volume 2

The second volume of Free Software Magazine has been released. Here is the articles included in the second volume :

Your part-time job by Tony Mobily
"The trials and tribulations of being a “computer person”"

The history and future of SMTP by Kirk Strauser
"SMTP's adaptations to a hostile internet"

Filtering spam with Postfix by Kirk Strauser
"Effective ways to reduce unwelcome mail"

Mail servers: resolving the identity crisis by John Locke
"How to get Dspam, Postfix, and Procmail to play well together"

Tech world
Poking at iTunes by Chris J. Karr
"A developer's guide to the iTunes platform"

Why free IT management tools are gaining traction by Will Winkelstein
"Enterprises are increasingly receptive to free software alternatives for IT management"

Case study: Mythic Beasts by Tony Mobily
"A small company specialised in Linux servers and amazing support"

Interview with Bernhard Reiter at aKademy by Tom Chance
"What we can do to promote the future of free software"

Hard passwords made easy by John Locke
"Creating strong memorable passwords using mnemonic devices and word lists"

Word world
The FUD-based Encyclopedia by Aaron Krowne
"Dismantling fear, uncertainty, and doubt, aimed at Wikipedia and other free knowledge resources"

Guerrilla marketing by Tom Chance
"Part one: promoting community projects in the marketplace"

A law for free software by Maureen O’Sullivan
"Don’t we have enough laws already?"

The Libre Culture Manifesto by David M. Berry, Giles Moss
"A manifesto for free/libre culture"

Richard Stallman’s blog by Richard Stallman
"Selected entries from Richard’s blog, from November 2004 to December 2004"

You can download the PDF version

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