Monday, February 21, 2005

Downgrade Again

After testing my web application after i upgraded MySQL into 4.1.10, i found everything works fine, but that's only the start of a new problem. Even though the PHP files can connect to the MySQL server, it wouldn't allow you to login (perhaps because i convert them with the fix_privileges_table scripts), so i couldn't update any data from my application, except for PHPMyAdmin. This is bad, since i couldn't make a web-based application that uses a login form.

So, i decided to downgrade my MySQL installation into 4.0.23, as my previous installation, since MySQL 4.1.x does not suit me. It is way to complicated and not suitable for me who only need a simple Database Server to make a web-based application. I stopped the MySQL services, remove the service, uninstall the MySQL, and install the previous MySQL Version 4.0.23, copy my databases, restart MySQL, and it came back to normal activity. Maybe i'll stick with MySQL 4.0.x for a while, since it also a production ready.

If you build your own database from scratch, perhaps MySQL 4.1.x is the best option for you, but if you have an existing application, or you runs a production server, upgrading to MySQL 4.1 is not the perfect way unless you have think about the risk and the preventions.

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