Friday, February 18, 2005

Mozilla Firefox Downloaded 25.000.000 Times

Mozilla Firefox has hit the 25 million download mark. By the end of yesterday, 99 days after the release of Firefox 1.0, the browser had been downloaded 25,105,560 times. In the Mozilla Foundation press release about the 25 million milestone, Mitchell Baker says, "Firefox is being rapidly adopted by the mainstream, with this audience embracing Firefox as a more user-friendly web browsing solution." Asa Dotzler has published some download charts and we're assured that Spread Firefox will have something later.

Update: Spread Firefox has announced a series of celebrations to mark the 25 million downloads. Until 11:59pm EST on Thursday (4:59am UTC on Friday), several items at the Mozilla Store will be available for 25 percent off (disclosure: MozillaZine has a commercial partnership with the Mozilla Store). In addition, Coins for Anything has donated 100 special commemorative coins: 25 will be awarded to the most active members of the Spread Firefox community (full details on the site) and the other 75 will be "distributed according to a different set of criteria".

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