Sunday, February 06, 2005

Power Down

Last night, when i was watching television, suddenly everything became dark, because the power was down from the central. It happened during the Arsenal vs Aston Villa match (about 1 AM in the mourning) but i was watching another movie. Almost everybody on my house woke up. It was off for about 1 hour, so it went up again at 2 AM. The only problem is my father's waterpumps that need to be restarted when there is no power. There are two pumps that got stucked and i wasn't able to fix it. I called my father because he is in Jakarta right now, but i still didn't make it.

This mourning, i tried to fix one of them and it worked perfectly, but the other one still being down. My father will be coming home later at 8.30 PM from Jakarta. He will fix it since he is the only one who knows how to fix it.

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