Friday, February 11, 2005

Double Dragon

I replaced my father to attend the SanMob show this evening, after i finished my Internet and Multimedia class at 6 PM. I went to my girlfriend's house to picked her up and i got there at 6.40 PM. The show started at 7.30 PM and finished about 9.30 PM. It was a good show and good place also. The show was held on the Pasific Hall, the newest multi purpose building, such as for wedding and meeting.

The food was good, the singer was great, and the best of all was the Chinnesse dragon 'Liang Liong' and Chinnesse tiger 'Siam Si' show, presented by Naga 9 Indonesia. It was the best show in all of the SanMob event today. There were three Chinnesse tigers and a double dragons on the final show. It was really great show. The dragon was filled with phosfore, so they glow in the dark. They performed a wonderfull attraction that amazed a lot of people who came and stayed until the last show began. We couldn't gave them a standing applause, since it's not usuall for Indonesian people to give a bigger appreciation of traditional culture. It is so pitty.

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