Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Wonderfull Valentine Celebration

Yesterday i went to Blue Beach to celebrate Valentine day with my girlfriend. I went to her house at 7 PM, a little bit late (usually i came at 6.30 PM) because i had to pick up my mother first. When we reached in place, there was some changes made to it and they also invite some local band group to perform a live music on a small stage. The band group was quite dissapointing in my personal opinion, since the sound was beaten by the music, so i couldn't hear it clearly.

They have prepared a special menu for the Valentine day, and that wasn't expected by my girlfriend, since she had her own plan to order a special menus for us. She was quite dissapointed and a little bit upset, but i managed to calm her down. When we finished our eating, we left, but the band group sang one of the popular song from Peterpan. I love it, but i already left that place. Too bad..

We drove to Malioboro Mall to do some hang out and she took her order in one of the shop, which was a card and also a photos. Finally, we went to book rental and borrow some comics book.

Well.. it was a wonderfull Valentine Celebration with my girlfriend.

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